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Your Assets, Your Custody

  • Full Control:  Maintain absolute ownership & control of your money, under your account, registered under your name.  CorePro Capital just manages the investments, trading, and strategies.
  • Institutional Level Broker-Dealer and Custodian. Assets are maintained exclusively under the custody of our industry-leading broker-dealer with best-in-class: Global Reach, Institutional Level Trading Technology, Risk Management Tools, Comprehensive Reporting, Education Center, Trading Cost, Security, Financial Stability, and Awards in the industry.
  • Liquidity:  Our investments are in liquid investment instruments that can be traded in the open market through exchanges.  Positions can be liquidated into cash at a moment’s notice during regular market hours and in some instances almost around the clock.  Upon settlement of closed positions, your cash is available for withdrawal without any restrictions by CorePro Capital.
  • Seamless Investment Management:  Unlike most Hedge Funds, investment pools, and other investment vehicles, CorePro Capital uses separately managed accounts (SMAs) registered in the Client's name, under the Client's full control, and accessible 24/7 through secure portals.
  • Not a Custodian: CorePro Capital will never hold client funds in our name and will never commingle your funds with other client funds or our own invested assets.
  • Liquid Investments:  CorePro Capital only uses investment options that are available commercially across the globe.  We do not invest in iliquid or non-publicly traded instruments/vehicles thus eliminating the risk of finding your money trapped in illiquid assets or investment structures with redemption restrictions.
  • No Frauds:  The above items are just a few factors that position CorePro Capital clients far removed from the prospect of fraud and loss of capital due to criminal activities such as Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent activities.