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Strategies Overview

Centric to our core financial management focus, we offer turn-key model portfolios and strategies:

CorePro Capital Excel

  • Actively managed Stocks, ETFs, ETNs, MLPs, Options, Warrants, and other liquid exchange-traded instruments
  • Quantitative fundamental and technical analyses drive selection specific to each strategy
  • Strategies that consider cyclical, seasonal, fundamental strength, and market timing methodologies individually or selectively combined
  • Focused strategies to suit a variety of investment goals and risk tolerances
  • Modern diversificationthrough actively managed strategies, alternative asset classes, and timed hedges as part of an expanded asset class allocation within your portfolio

CorePro Capital Alternatives 

  • Equity, currency, and commodity futures traded by automated algorithmic systems
  • Strategies influenced by technical and price action analysis to identify trends and possible areas of reversals as well as institutional buying or selling indicating possible significant entry and exit points
  • Venturesome strategies seeking maximum returns
  • Offer added diversification for investors seeking to benefit from allocating a portion of a portfolio to less correlated alternative asset classes through actively managed futures quant strategies

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