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Investment Structure

  • Modern Investment Account Structure : Even though normally only available within the construct of Hedge Funds & similarly structured investment pools to institutions, CorePro Capital brings forth accessible modern investment strategies through separately managed accounts along with institutional-level benefits such as:
    • Lower trading cost
    • Lower management fees
    • Complete transparency
    • 24/7 control & account access
    • Comprehensive reporting on demand
  • Fully Regulated: As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), CorePro Capital, its principals, and its employees, are fully registered and regulated by Federal & State laws as well as Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs).
  • Modern Diversification:  Integration of actively managed strategies as well as alternative asset classes within our offerings allow you to build additional layers of diversification in your investment portfolio normally only available through Hedge Funds and similar investment pools.
  • Low Account Minimum:  Low account minimums and no withdrawal or account closing restrictions.
  • Actual Performance History and Metrics: Even though we use simulations, back-testing, and optimizations to thoroughly develop and test our actively managed strategies, we do not use the resulting theoretical simulated investment performance metrics to lure clients solely based on modeling results showing hypothetical historical returns.  We publish actual results based on our live investment track record.  Of course, we do make available historical simulated performance figures upon request for review and reference as applicable when available.
  • Our Money Invested in Our Own Strategies:  In the investment management industry, there is no better motivation to perform than having the investment manager’s assets invested in the very operation and strategies being managed.  At CorePro Capital we subscribe to this fully.  We eat our own cooking!  CorePro Capital’s corporate investable assets, as well as the individual assets of its Managing Member, and Investment Managers are invested in CorePro Capital strategies.  Furthermore, these related party funds are treated, traded, and handled in the same manner as all client accounts.