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Frank Stalone

Quantitative Trading Associate

frankFrank M. Stalone performs statistical testing and optimization, develops technical algorithms, and assists with risk management.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Villanova University as a Math major.  Since his college days, he has put his mathematical, deductive, and inductive abilities to use in Poker, where he has enjoyed much success.  Having played Poker professionally for several years, his familiarity with randomness extends beyond equations to first-hand experience, from which he knows to respect it; sound money management was paramount to his success.  Poker has also instilled in him the ability to remain calm and cerebral throughout the ups and downs.  He draws parallels between games such as poker and markets as many in the investment management industry do, but sees the latter as a much more complex and thought-provoking endeavor.  This roots his deep motivation to succeed in quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading systems development.

Frank’s role at CorePro Capital is centric to statistics and math-intensive quantitative research and analysis.  He is currently developing technical algorithmic strategies and modules for our systematic Futures trading products.  In general, he is entrusted with the research, development, testing, and careful optimization of technical concepts that make up each individual trading strategy.  This process is critical and must be done with mathematical rigor to avoid striking fool’s gold.  He is also responsible to develop the equally important trade management processes that can make or break any trading strategy.  Trade entry, stops management, trade exit, and execution rules are paramount to any successful trading algorithm.  His quant skills are similarly called upon for tailoring strict portfolio allocation and position sizing methodologies based on risk management parameters established for each strategy.  Frank is placing the might of his strong educational background and expertise behind one goal: minimizing the risk of large drawdowns while maximizing returns.  This is the ultimate goal; to achieve outsized superior risk-adjusted returns for all our clients.

Frank spends much of his free time pursuing his math interests including probability, game theory, and dynamical systems.  When not being a geek, he enjoys running, biking, practicing music, and writing a sci-fi novel (with a moderate expectation of someday finishing).