Pablo Crespo CorePro Capital Investment Management and Advisory

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Executive Summary

We recognize the critical importance of investment performance and risk management.  Our primary goal is to achieve exceptional risk adjusted returns while incrementally delivering services and solutions that make our clients' lives easier and more efficient.  Our objective is for our clients to know  that CorePro Capital is synonymous with:

  • Competency
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Outstanding Investment Performance


Preservation and Expansion of Wealth.  Our mission is clear: the enhancement of your life through financial independence.  Protecting and expanding your wealth with actively managed investment strategies offering strong risk-adjusted returns with modern diversification.

You have many options when choosing financial managers, advisers, and related investment opportunities.  CorePro Capital will be your disciplined and objective partner who delivers advice based on an intimate understanding of needs and objectives while offering a variety of focused and actively managed investment solutions that work together to meet your requirements.


Continue to establish CorePro Capital as the premier investment management and advisory center of excellence focused on outstanding investment returns while building a comprehensive wealth and life management practice anchored in long-term relationships with our clients.